Robin Hood allocates funds from 12-12-12

According to, the Robin Hood Relief Fund has announced another $5.6 million in grants to organizations in New York and New Jersey that are helping people devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Of the over $5 million, another $150,000 will be for the Gateway Church of Christ Monmouth County, NJ, allowing the church to expand the work of their volunteer teams into the towns of Keansburg and Highlands. The funds proposed for G.C.C. would cover gaps in town funding for families, either to replace the lost contents of their homes, or to obtain supplies needed for volunteer teams to complete repairs.  Awards will be in the range of $2,500-$3,500 per house, and this grant will help at least 45 families [between both towns] to return to their homes.


  1. WOW! What an extremely bad idea!!! Lets get this straight, the corrupt town system, run by many who are corrupt, who enlisted corrupt people to decide who was worthy to get what and why, are now going to have access to funds like this to decide where it goes?

    Why would there be any problem with that. It will just be situation normal in the jolly old town of Highlands!

    My conclusion, it will never end in this town ever! I has been the same for decades. People have made great efforts to change things for the positive at a great personal cost. The result is that things are not better………..they are much much worse.

    My advice, leave if you can. Sell if you can. Get out any way possible. This town is a great big life sucker. Just take a look at the walking wastelands that sit night after night in the local bars! If you dont want that to happen to you, get out of Dodge while the getting is good!


    • Not going to argue the point Duncan has made, it might be a close runner up for mosr prevalent opinion held by residents. However I would caution anyone who is so despairing about the state of the town they have chosen to live in to step outside today and get a breath of the reason why we chose to live at the coast and specifically in the Highlands. This is not a rah rah message that we all get together and find an old barn and put on a show, rather it is a response to the despair that surrounds all efforts to live the life that brought us all here. In the last week or so we saw the value of having a forum, the highlands blog, that sent a message and raised the level of awareness about the inequities in the distribution of the aid donated to the town. I think that was a wonderful example of what public opinion and the ability of that expression to be heard. Going forward it might be helpful to understand the management structure of the town and who actually is responsible for the day to day. The set up allows us to have the semblance of control through elections we get to vote for our choice for part time seal of approval representatives at election time, however the real power and influence is in the hands of the managers, administrators and paid employees. We have a town administrator, code enforcement officers and clerical and DPW workers who have the responsibility and the means to set the tone of how we live day to day. It seems part of a long con, maybe the source of the despair that runs sonhigh invtownbthat we focus our discontent in the wrong area. We can stay sidetracked and believe it is the part time elected officials responsibility to changethe same old in our town but it might be more profitable for making change to look where the real day to day power lies.


    • Those are “alleged” inequities. If you all think the money is not going where it should then file a complaint with the state. I’m sure they’d be happy to investigate ANY Sandy related charity who took in money.
      If I applied and did not hear back you damn well better believe that is exactly what I would do right after I contacted the charity myself and told them that I would be reporting them.
      If you don’t think the answer from the church is the right answer, call the Robin Hood foundation and ask them where that case worker is who is supposed to make sure that the money goes where it should go.
      And lastly, if you are all really on the same team come out of hiding… what’s the point in hiding behind a moniker? You want credibility, you want people to take an internet blog seriously then be proud of who you are. You want to go to a politician and say “HEY LOOK WE ARE ALL GETTING SCREWED here in Highlands” go read this blog… what is he going to think when all he sees are anonymous monikers.


    • “Take this blog seriously” – I really don’t care if they do or don’t take this blog seriously. I am in no way trying to be I started this as an attempt to understand SEO, then I used it as a platform to vent and deal with the Sandy fiasco. I went from from 4 followers to over a hundred and found that many people in town felt the exact same way I did.

      If you don’t like what you read or don’t agree – then don’t read. You’re not going to hurt my feelings.

      What you don’t understand is that even though this is a “blog” and there are a bunch of anonymous monikers, we’ve affected change, in some ways, which is kind of cool.


    • Oh I understand far more than you give me credit for and you are 100% off when it comes to just about everything I have said. Not sure why, you always struck me as quite smart… and therefore you should know that we are on the same team. There’s no point in my calling to lodge a complaint about something when I am not an intended recipient is there?


    • You know what Stacy…you have no idea what we are all going through and I don’t think you ever will until you see your whole life you built sitting like garbage on side of road so don’t tell us what “allegedly” is going on when 100 people in this town are saying they received NOTHING!!!! What don’t you get about that? We only want the help that strangers who donated intended it to go. People like us and I would even say you for your tree incident. We all vote and it’s anonymous and still effects change. Don’t knock it,man.
      I believe we can change this town just never forget the feeling you have now and bring to the politicians. We have the power!!!!! I Defeatism will never effect change.


  2. Dingus,

    A while back i might have totally agreed with you. Many have made several attempts at great personal costs. When you look at the state of the town, before Sandy especially, all those efforts have been in vain!

    Here are the facts. Those in charge have to want to change things. This is the reason that things have been the same in Highlands for decades. Those that do have it in their heart to try to change things face overwhelming obstacles.

    Firstly, they face the fact that most town empoyees are protected by unions and civil service. unless an employee shoots another one, or someone else, they are virtually impossible to get rid of now matter how bad they are. (this is no exaggeration)

    Secondly there is an “element” in town that doesnt want to see things change. And there are just enough of them to keep the town from reaching, or even coming anywhere close, to its fullest potential. They like living like Sanford and Son, They like boozing it up a the local bars, throwing up on the street on the way home, and doing all again the next day!

    The people up on the hill life a different life from those who live downtown and rarely see this stuff. May of us are tired of living next to run down section 8 houses, while holding their breath everytime someone gets kicked out for not paying the rent, waiting to see if the new tenants are worse than the previous ones!

    People here are tired of paying ridiculous taxes, for reduced to virtually no services, no code enforcement, while trying to keep their properties nice, and raise nice families.

    It has nothing to do with disilusionment, it has to do with the reality of the situation.

    Highlands change any time soon? Not a chance!!! It hasnt changed for the positive in over 60 years, why should anyone thing it would change anytime in the near future.

    It isnt “dumping” on a place you live to state the obvious. Its just pointing out the reality.

    People here can dream, but thats all it is. This place will never……..ever…….. be the same as it was at the turn of the century or into the 1940’s!


    • wow stacy. hows the 1000 your got from hope for highlands, or the countertops or the water or anything else you have got from the town. funny no money to be found for us but for the town ppl there is. and stacy with all your facts. . . . the old ppl of this town DO NOT WANT CHANGE!!!!!! they want the good old boys. FACT a lot of ppl with certain town ties got their taxes lowered with the new assessment or it did not go up. example frank nolan house went down 30000 with our 2010 assessment. so did carlas. this is all public record on the monmouth county tax website. click on postcard info and type away.. yours your neighbors and anyone elses you can look up. it will show all sq foot and bedrooms. i hope everyone in town is similar to theirs. new construction. additions sq foot etc. and yes the section 8 housing is an issue bc ppl like that are the ones who just got busted a little while ago in our “QUAINT” little town. they dont vote they dont give a a@@ to the politics in town. the section 8 housing is not up on the hill like you say, its downtown and it does decrease the value of ones house. your seem to have a lot of issues with what ppl say on here, why did you keep reading it? unlike the ppl of this town who cant afford to sell and have no choice but to try to make the best for their home and the town we want to stay informed. the solution center is not that helpful, this blog is. highlands blog is not trying to pin ppl against each other just help. if you want to to help dont be so defensive,


    • There is a county owned low income apartment complex right on Highland Avenue, there are section 8 apartments on Portland Road, there’s section 8 right next to the church on Highland Avenue as well.

      After the new assessments came out I appealed as well and I had mine reduced by 30,800 which was just below where it had been before the reassessment. I showed up at the hearing with pictures of my house and the comparable houses and when called up I stated my case. I was one of only a handful of properties to receive a reduction and it wasn’t granted by the people in Freehold because I was connected it was because I proved my case. Appealing assessments is a “right” we all have, and I will appeal every time I see that comparable sales are lower than my assessment.

      If I hadn’t wanted to be helpful I would not have volunteered my time and as the only person here who stood up to say I was in the firehouse and could state that nothing was being hidden, I was called a liar.


    • @Stacy – how many ppl besides YOU were in the firehouse? And HOW do you think it makes us feel when you call us liars?
      I personally have been in the firehouse and backed out and told I didn’t have a right to be past the blue tarp. When you are dismissive on that fact and when so many others have had the same experience, why don’t you get why we’re suspicious.


    • so did many other ppl and they did not get them lowered so dont tell me that ppl in town did not talk to others for you. ill believe what i hear and what i see and know. i was also in the firehouse and told to step back. stacy can you explain why the town told ppl that they had no knowledge of generators then ppl got reverse calls saying that if they had reverse generators to bring them back to the firehouse. this was right about the time the power came on. Hmmmmmm noone knew about the generators. Come on you cant really believe that ppl are that naive. do us all a favor since it was such an horrible time volunteering, DONT DO IT AGAIN. the town ppl are grateful for the ppl who volunteered and didnt shove it in our faces when we were already beat to the ground.


  3. Hey HB,

    There was a number somebody posted to call regarding fraud with Sandy Charities…for life of me can’t find? Wondering if you recall cause I want to call and every single person on this blog should do the same. Strength in numbers.


  4. To Stacy,

    I personally can attest to the fact that I saw with my own eyes things being hidden in the old firehouse out of the view of the general public. Only when I was tipped off by someone who had received certain items did I go back to ask for them. When I did they were given to me, reluctantly I might add after the person that gave them to me went to the back to where they were hidden. Why were these items out of the view of the general public? I saw this happening with my own eyes.

    I was also told by a very very reliable source that certain people, who the vounteers “liked and trusted” exact quote, were given free reign and access to the items there. This fact, and not rumor, and comes from my personal experiences and what I saw. Im not calling anyone a liar, I am merely stating a fact.

    Not only that but many many other people observed the very same things and started complaining. Many that did wanted to remain anonymous, as they were afraid of retribution if they spoke up. This came from a town official who received the complaints.

    I also was told by another former town official that they witnessed a known local drug dealer given unlimited access to these very same items and supplies.

    People dont want to use their own names as they know that people brave enough to have done this in the past have been jumped on as if by angry wolves! Anyone who dares to speak out is shouted down, hunted down, humiliated or worse! Its horrible that this happens in this day and age, but unfortunately mob mentality is still alive in this town!

    So, those are the facts as sad as they are but they are facts.

    Stacy, I have also seen you treat many many people that you are supposedly “volunteering” for very badly!!! Myself, family members, and one of my neighbors are just some of them! I witnessed this and was the target of your bad treatment. While in the next moment bending over backwards for people you liked, or family or friends of yours. We do not need so called volunteers like you who behave in this manner.

    Instead of trying to vainly defend this undefendable behavior, if you dont like what people are saying feel free to quit and give the job to someone else. I know many that are willing to take your place immediately!


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