3 iPhone apps you can use to check your elevation of your Highlands House

altitude +.PNGAltitude+

Altitude + possibly offers one of the most advanced and reliable altitude calculation app on the iPhone. The app is made more enticing by custom made graphics and animations which are dynamically tailored to your current elevation. The app’s main features include: altitude calculation indoors and outdoors, altitude calculation in areas without network coverage, altitude reading and artwork based on current altitude, altitude reading in feet or meters, unique graphics and artwork, high-res graphics perfect for iPhone 4’s retina display, and multitasking. (Price: $1.99) (Download link

elevation Pro for iphoneElevation PRO

This iPhone elevation app displays the USGS elevation of your iPhone. It is fully integrated with Google Maps, Twitter as well as iPad. This app lets you get elevation for any place just by touching the location on the map. It also allows you to share your current elevation on Twitter, and save an unlimited number of Elevation Waypoints on the map. In addition, the app lets you view GPS and USGS elevation data to ensure accuracy of elevation. You also have the option to display elevation data in either feet or meters. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Elevation for Real

Elevtion for RealAside from solving the altitude/elevation discrepancy between altitude measured by your iPhone, to your elevation above sea level, this app also converts your altitude to the correct elevation relative to the sea level to give you an accurate measure of your elevation. This app also provides you with access to the USGS elevation web service. This app’s internally generated elevation converges with that of the USGS value. Some of the great features of the Elevation for Real iPhone app include: real-time map with pin-annotation of your location, English or Metric units based on your region setting, start/stop button, and one touch screenshots. Best of all, this iPhone elevation app is free. (Price: Free) (Download link)


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