Putting Highlands Back Together One Business At a Time: Clam Hut


Debris Clean-up Volunteers Needed at the Clam Hut

One of the locals’ and shore visitors’ favorites and used to boast the biggest deck in Jersey (Before Sandy). The Clam Hut is in need of 2-4 people to help remove debris one day this week. It should only take 2 or 3 hours. Please contact Diane Keaveny of the Highlands Business Partnership for information 732-291-4713.


  1. And I’m sure EVERYBODY who helps out will get some kind of a gift certificate for all of their hard work! You know they’ve only got a few weeks to make sure they’re open in time for Summer so they can start making $$!


  2. And of course….that’s really something to brag about….considering we have a lot of big decks around here!


  3. Sucks that Sandy took out the Clam Hut but The Driftwood and Claddagh made out ok… Those places need to be eliminated asap. They bring our whole town down a notch… Imagine if the Claddagh was some where that wasnt full of trash and replaced with a hip new club type place…


    • And replaced with hip new trash? There’s an old saying, “The Devil you know, is better than the Devil you don’t!”

      And as much as I joke about the Driftwood….my limited personal experience is it’s one of those “Shut Up and Drink Your Beer” kind of places where people (generally) mind their own business and they’re only a threat to themselves.


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