You Will Never Walk Alone – Highlands

You Will Never Walk Alone - Highlands

This years St Patty’s day was sadly missing more than restaurants, it was missing people.

I guess when you have to drive 20 – 40 minutes outside of town, going to the St Patty’s day parade wasn’t a priority.

Normally on this day, you can barely walk through town after the parade, today it was pretty easy.

When you *did* run into people you haven’t seen, you got excited and almost afraid to ask how they were doing.

We all have a long way to go. That being said, there is an Celtic song that goes:



    • I think they put the ‘bars’ that were normally in the st patty’s day pub crawl. Tratoria was a byob..

      So out of 15 bars, 10 you could go to even though not all were “really” opened..and 5 are really opened


    • Really? I thought that, but…geez, I just had my eyes checked!

      Well if they’re there….how come the VFW isn’t listed? I’m still waiting for a “Highlands Civil War” to break out between them somewhere on Bay Ave.


  1. Celtic song? Written by those old sons of Erin, Rogers & Hammerstein! Isn’t that from “Carousel?”


  2. Speaking of bars, if anyone is around with some down time and can help with the Clam Hut cleanup, here’s some info:

    Debris Clean-up Volunteers at Clam Hut

    One of the locals’ and shore visitors’ favorites, the Clam Hut, is in need of 2-4 people to help remove debris one day this week. It should only take 2 or 3 hours. Please contact Diane Keaveny of the Highlands Business Partnership for information 732-291-4713.


    • The Clam Hut? You mean the people that wouldn’t call me in for an interview when I dropped off a resume there a few years ago when I neededa job? Oh, sure….I will be right over….


  3. While the St. Patricks day parade was a great success, consider the following……………….

    Does anyone really beleive that Highlands has the capacity to really make a come back any time soon after Sandy????

    The fact if that the town, and the business district in particular was on life support before Sandy which just kicked the plug out of the wall.

    The town does not have the money, prestigue, leadership, etc etc etc to remotely help it recover. Those are the facts. Places like Pt. Pleasnt and Seaside, will come back becuase of the places they are.

    But who is going to want to come to Highlands or invest money here? Lets be serious!

    If the town really had a plan for business revival, or an interest in code enforcement or real leadership. If the Highlands Business Partnership actually was able to to accomplish its primary goal or Improving the Business District, then maybe………just maybe……….. the town might have a future.

    But unfortunately this is just not the case. Although I wish the businesses and residents well in the future, thats all it really is…………a wish.

    In order for the town to ever remotely realize its vast potential its going to take more brains, money, leadership, and less bullshit than is presently in play!

    This may not be a popular position, but at least its truthful!


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