Another idea to mitigate flooding in Highlands

fake duneI was reading this morning about Mantoloking’s plan to place sand and gravel-filled Geotextile fabric tubes along their ocean front to restore their dune system (Because they are actually a V zone being next to the ocean and all).  This Geo-textile fabric wrap is like a calzone and gets buried in the sand to work as a speed bump for waves. The whole project is estimated to cost anywhere from $6 to $8 million dollars, which is peanuts compared to other beach replenishment projects or back filling Highlands.

So,I thought to myself, huh.. let me google Geo-textile fabric wraps.. Which brought me to here: WIPP Hydrosolutions

What if we used this stuff when we have another Noreaster/Hurricane:

Block the catch on snug harbor
Bolster the Marina on Washington
Block the Sewers on Bay Ave
On RT 36 by Kavookjian field
Add appropriate place here..

And guess what? They fold up and can be stored.  (Maybe in the old Firehouse once we empty all the toothpaste out of there)

This wouldn’t protect us in normal high tide flooding or when a quick storm passes through in the summer, but it COULD help mitigate things if we get another Sandy or Irene, until we do get things figured out, decide on FEMA zone and height requirement and actually get funds to lift houses.


  1. That’s the ticket. We need to get outside the box and stay there or we will all be stranded inside the same old box and be talking about what coulda shoulda been done next year and the year after. Funds for the solution center should be tranferred to the Anser Center and expertise outside the box brought in to offer their opinions.


  2. I love the idea of fighting water with water. And we definitely need to bring in someone other than T&A. They’ve managed to break everything they’ve tried to make better.


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