March Town Hall Meeting Notes

There will be FREE counseling from CPC in Middletown           March 25 – 30th in the Trailers on Shore
They don’t have a sign up sheet, they don’t want a record of people looking for help

ARTS Healing Hearts will offer art classes to kids 4 -16 to promote therapeutic trauma with arts.

Highlands will become Pinkland in May 2013 as they participate in Paint the town Pink breast cancer awareness month.

Sherwin Williams and Comcast are bringing volunteers in to do projects in Highlands in the end of April.  They also were giving out 30% coupons to Highlands Residents for Sherwin William stores.

They have people volunteering for yard work, you need to sign up at the solution center. (HSC was mentioned 10 times – for those of you participating).

Operation Jersey Shore Santa – Wants to provide the children in Highlands Easter Baskets.

There is are two organizations giving away FREE prom dresses                “Shore 2 Share Shopping Day” on March 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Sawmill in Seaside Park. hose interested in making a donation, or an appointment to attend “Shore 2 Share” can e-mail or send a message on Spataro’s Facebook page, “Shore2Share.”

Faith Chapel in Union Beach is also helping get Sandy-affected students to their proms.  Those interested in making donations or questions on the upcoming “Try on Day” can call Sisolak at 732-207-5648.

Flood Mitigation Rumor/Facts

RUMOR:  There are Highlands Buyouts for Residents
RUMOR: If you are 50% damaged, you can’t rebuild
RUMOR: If you are on the Haz Mitigation list you definitely get the Money – there is a weeding out process.

FACT: Highlands put in for about 1000 houses and 150 Million
FACT: You can’t lift your house until the grant comes inFACT: Highlands will be sending out the ICC letters in the mail

Oh and what was that last fact, PERMIT FEES WILL BE WAIVED – If you already paid, they will reimburse you.  They received a letter from the state saying they didn’t have to charge for the permits.


  1. Letter from state suddenly or maybe reading blog? Thats good news though! Thanks so much to everyone on this blog I think our sharing ides and discussing issues have really made a difference. Wondering who weeds out but I guess we will cross that bridge in future. Was there a lot of people there and were they able to discuss their concerns without being shut down?


  2. wow to “FACT: You can’t lift your house until the grant comes in” So if it takes 3 years for the town to get the grant, we have to pay crazy insurance rates until then? If you lift without waiting are you rejected from the town and not reimbursed??? I guess I’ll be at the next meeting…


  3. An interesting thing I have noticed at the so called “town” meetings is that many of the questions posed to Mayor Nolan are not answered. It is BS that you have to write a question on a card in order to have the priviledge to have a question answered. Then the mayor goes through them and decides what he does and does not want to answer. Myself and others have followed this format and have had our questions repeatedly not answered. Convenient!


  4. At last nights town meeting it was pointed out that information given to people attending the Governors cabinet thing at PTAK yesterday were given incorrect information by FEMA. At least that is what was said by Mayor Nolan. So this begs the question, how are people to know what info. to trust when FEMA tells them one thing, and the town says another?


    • What sort of information from FEMA are they saying is incorrect? If Mayor going to have meeting should address all concerns not just what he chooses to address. What a Joke…there is no point if you can’t have your concerns addressed. That dude is way too full of himself….its a small town answer peoples questions!!!!!


    • He totally blew off my question about getting information to people who are not in town. He read it, acted sort of curious that someone might be staying elsewhere, then just dropped it.

      I have another rant about the Solutions Center, but that’s for later. I need to drink just thinking about it…


  5. Good Idea HB! I put myself on e-mail list for Governors newsletter to keep track of what state is doing. I know the block grant info is long but $$$$ supposed to go to help residents first through HUD with oversight. I wonder if they even know?


  6. There was also mention of giving away what was donated, out of the old boro hall, with hours of Thursday 3/21 from 11a-2p and Sunday 3/24 from 10-2p. I’m not exactly sure what this is, since the mayor spoke really quickly and kinda dumped it in there in between some other more vital information.

    I’m guessing that the rest of us lowly townsfolk might get to pick through what’s left after the usual suspects got what they needed and then some. There might be a whole pair of rubber gloves or something left by the time I can get there on Sunday.

    I didn’t hallucinate this, did I?


  7. Does anyone have any information on the Bayview Condo complex? This complex got hit really hard for it is right on the bay. How would a flood mitigation plan be implemented for an entire complex????


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