Henry Hudson wins$2500 from HoJo’s for Highlands school

GiveahappyThe famous Harlem Globetrotters challenged a dozen students at Henry Hudson Regional School students in a variety of games Thursday to win $2,500 for the school. The events included rolling an egg by fanning it with a cushion and pulling tissues out of tissue boxes and a slam dunk contest.

As a result, students were able to carry the day by a 5-to-3 score. The Globetrotters were at Henry Hudson to participate in the Give Happy Challenge sponsored by Howard Johnson’s.

This year, Henry Hudson is one of only four schools throughout the nation to be selected for the Challenge, along with schools from Portland, Ore., Phoenix, Ariz. and a yet-to-be-named school from the Mid-West.

“We like to recognize people who do the right thing and make the community stronger because of it,” said Phil Harvey, a vice president with Howard Johnson.

They felt Henry Hudson high school in Highlands fit that mold.

Henry Hudson principal  Kingsmore was quoted as saying, “We have had a very difficult year. Hurricane Sandy really devastated the communities of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands. But Highlands especially, where there were 1,200 homes wiped out. We have more than 40 kids still displaced all over Monmouth County. And we’re only a school of 360, so that’s a lot of kids.”


  1. Okay..first off… Howard Johnson’s is still in business? I know there’s one like off of Route 1 & 18 in New Brunswick, but…when was the last time anybody has really been to a Howard Johnson?

    Number Two…um…was the public invited to this event? I would have liked to attend. I’ve received two emails and a phone call about Christie’s cabinet being in town…three emails about a restaurant opening that I couldn’t afford to go to when I was actually living in Highlands, but….

    Something fun comes along like the Harlem Globetrotters that doesn’t just happen every day….and nobody tells meanything about it until AFTER it happens!

    Way to go Admirals – I had one of your television sets until about ’79!


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