Understanding Flooding in Highlands

I found an interactive map from Rutgers that allows you to see how the rising sea levels will affect certain areas. So I plugged in Highlands and this is what I found..

At 2 FT


At 3 Ft:


Look familiar? What I found interesting was that at 2 ft, that’s our normal flooding pattern in High Tide, at 3ft that’s our flooding pattern for big storms.

So I go back to my original ideas:

Strategically placed Sea Walls.. – Without even seeing this map, this illustrates exactly where I would put those Sea Walls. And to further elaborate, they should be put 15 – 20 ft beyond the current rusty ones and we should back fill there. (No building though) Then for good measure, add:

Beaches & Oysters – instead of back filling the town, back fill beaches and add oyster beds to the water side of the strategically placed Sea Walls.

Increase height of Marina Bulk Head Walls – I’m thinking 4 ft high (from the dry side ground), and you would need steps on both sides.

Fixing the Drainage problem & have regular maintenance of the catch & sewer drain flaps. I think most people downtown between Snug Harbor & Sea Drift have noticed an issue with drainage since the we “updated” the sewers. Not sure what we did then, but it made the situation worse, not better.

House lifting – You can’t have the bungalows just on slabs anymore, you need to be at least 4 ft high.

French Drains on RT 36 – we need something done on the run off. Just having Middletown paving the road to Monmouth Hills won’t work. It’ll just make the water run off that much faster.  We need a catch up there too.


  1. Thanks for the aerial photos! So Highlands is on a river AND a bay? Finally NOW I know why it floods!

    And can’t we call them “Freedom Drains?” What have the French EVER done good – except for the can can sale at Shop Rite?


    • All this give and take on what is suppose to be where, how to get what and when to file to get how. Highlands funded a solution center to answer and lead people to the answers and the next steps. Now we politely sit back ( while the solution becomes the center of many of the problems. We have to spend more time organizing and trying to find answers for the solution center to solve itself. This seems to be what Highlands has always done through the years. Give away assets to private business’, ignore that we still have town and county beaches and watch Sea Bright, which is still flooding under “average” conditions to build themselves an economy within a few blocks that gains some revenue for the town and its people and raises Sea Bright’s profile and opportunities for solutions that much more than Highlands. We are caught up in Ground Hog Day thinking once again. We seems to all be sitting by the dock of the bay waiting for someone, anyone, to come riding into town with the magic bullet no matter how much damage, waste and flooding redux it brings with it. The town sign should have an image of Rip Van Winkle


    • Oh JOY!

      If “solutions center” means take a drink, then “dealing with dale” means take a shot. A BIG shot. F>ck…


    • Yes Dale…. I don’t think they have any further info on it yet but was curious if anyone had known about it.


    • I’m in panic mode now about this. I’m seeing all these links online about this town and that town having deadlines for applying for this FEMA Hazard Mitigation Program. And there’s nothing at all on the Highlands website (shocking, I know).

      Will find out if Dale answers email, I guess.


    • It has been assumed for too long that the powers that are know all or any of the answers. If you find out you have missed out on a deadline for assistance because of not being kept in the loops by the powers that are please let us all know. One door being closed in your face does not have to be the final answer.


    • Dale responded, at almost midnight.

      “Let me know if you want to be included on the list for consideration. The Borough actually has to submit the application which we are in the first processes of doing. You can see more about it under FEMA.gov

      Let me ask you, did you get a letter on the Borough website that you were substantially damaged? If so, do you agree that you were? Let me know.”

      So the panic is notched down a level or two. I’ll follow up at the thing on Monday or at the Solutions Center.


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