Highlands Bridge Closed due to Coastal Flooding in Sea Bright = UPDATED 3/9

The sign by A&P says that Highlands Bridge remains closed due to coastal flooding on Ocean Ave in Sea Bright.  Further, Academy Bus is stating that the flooding has suspended service to Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach, Highlands and Long Branch until further notice.

SATURDAY:  According to SB Mayor Dina Long “Breaches in the sea wall in north beach allowing higher than normal ocean tides to wash over the roadway. DOT crews on scene but highway Is closed to all but local traffic between the Rumson and Highlands bridges. (Enter from Rumson side.) Possible that the closure will continue until the DOT engineering teams get here Monday.”



Rt 36 on the Sea Bright Side of Highlands Bridge


    • Early this morning, 5:00 AM the Foodtown Bridge appeared to be closed once again. Now at 10 minutes to 6 AM, there is no longer blinking lights at the southbound entrance to the bridge in Highlands. There is however many blinking lights to be seen on 36 in the one lane portion of the highway after Sandy Hook entrance. More blinking lights from vehicles than usual. Does anyone know what exactly is happening in Sea Bright that is causing any issues? It might be time for Academy to develop a plan for their service on 36 to begin and end in Highlands, rather than continue to lose customers who are not caught up in the latest situation caused by the water.


    • Just saw a post on FB that Ocean Ave is washed out somewhere between the Rumson Bridge and the Highlands Bridge. That does not sound good at all.


    • Especially if you were one of a hundred or so cars that followed the signs and detour warnings as you approached the Foodtown Bridge from the North. After being informed bridge waas closed you were then told a little further on that the “left lane” was closed, if you followed that notice you came upon a blinking arrow that “closed” the left lane, if you stayed in the right lane you could continue over the bridge and either exit on the right to Sandy Hook or continue on to the no longer blinking arrow impaired left lane and get over the bridge and come to a halt where the road closing was being enforced and be sent to the same fate as those who had stayed to the right- onto the pre toll booth section of the Hook and turned around back North on 36. A complete loop back to where you came from and a fuitting end to a non summer journey over our modern bridge to nowhere.


    • Another example of proscribed thinking and poor customer service. Highlands is not affected by 36 being closed on the Sea Bright side of the Foodtown Bridge. Driving a bus back and forth from Highlands to the Academy depot in Leonardo is not an added expense to Academy. Having north and southbound service begin and end in Highlands would serve the Highlands and north of Sea Bright commuter. Setting up the service and maintaining it would also provide the Sea Bright and south commuters a point to make alternate plans to get to.


    • Damn straight. I am in the process of trying to find out how far down the bus will drop me off on 36. Maybe I can walk 5 miles! How retarded is this?


    • Academy says: We are operating on Route 36 to the Highlands Bridge. We are not servicing Long Branch, Sea Bright or Monmouth Beach.


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