22 thoughts on “March Nor’Easter in Highlands 2013

  1. Broadway Bill

    So let me get this straight….there’s a beach in Highlands with some sand and some rough waters. It’s March and it’s cold and windy….Yesterday, I found out that my contractor is arguing with my architecht and the boro is kind of giving us the run around….Last night, they called to tell me they’re sending my mother to the hospital again…This morning I’m looking around an apartment with no furniture, sleeping on an air mattress, wondering what I’m going to find to wear if I have to go to her wake and a funeral over the next few days so …please forgive me when I say, if you’re calling this a “Nor’Easter” it’s not quite living up to the advertising.


    1. Bay Ave Babs

      So sorry to hear about Bdwy Bill’s mother. My condolences.
      I’d be in on a lawsuit–the $40 to $140/ qtr sewer bill is absurd. — esp w the constant hi tide flooding on our corner of Bay. Neighbors have left for good due to the lack of action from this town-despite all the talk and that “flood plan” that went nowhere. grrrrrr!!


  2. Jen

    How bad was/is the flooding this time around? I saw some FB posts from the mayor’s wife with pictures of water on Huddy and over by the Rec Center, but those are always wet, especially since the town “fixed” the drains over in that part of town. It amused me that she used these OMG FLOODING pictures to restate the whole “this is why we should backfill the town” argument. No, *this* is why we should fix the craptastic drainage system that we put in completely ass backwards and wrong.

    Oh. Was that another rant? Dammit.


    1. highlandsblog Post author

      I wasn’t there at High tide, but I went down later and talked to some neighbors, It was “normal” street flooding.., you know the same places it normally floods. (I do find it funny that I gauge how bad the flooding is if it makes to to my gate or not. Yesterday’s didn’t)


    2. highlands18

      Jen you are absolutely right on with the :”Craptastic Sewer System:” Sandy would not have been half as bad if the damn Highlands Sewer system functioned correctly… Our sewer bills were raised more than 50%, 2 years ago and we’ve gotten nothing better.. What is it going to take to get the Highlands Politicians to do the right thing~!!!!!


    3. highlandsblog Post author

      I don’t know if Sandy would have been 1/2 as bad, we had a 6ft tidal surge come through, even with working sewers, it would still would have been bad. That being said, totally agree with the complaint on raising sewer bill (wasn’t it supposed to be temporary??) and not negotiating hard enough to lower that cost *especially* when most aren’t even living in town but continue to pay the inflated connection costs. To give a for instance, even when I first called my MTG company to ask about deferment, they said “we don’t do that”.. but after escalating it up to someone who could make the call, they did. Did we assume the sewer company wouldn’t lower the cost, did we try?


    4. Jen

      Sandy would have been bad, no matter what. That surge was unprecedented. But Irene and all these nor’easters are pretty much Business As Usual, as my boss would say.

      Whatever the town did to “fix” the sewers and drains a couple years ago has consistently made flooding on Huddy and Waterwitch worse, not better. The Captain’s Cove marina also leaks (for lack of a better word) out that side, but I have a feeling that one of the houses there will have to fall in for them to make Fred fix that side of the marina. One could wonder how he even has a business license, considering half the marina didn’t even have running water last summer, but that whole Captain’s Cove/Washington Street fiasco is beyond insane.

      I’m ranty today, aren’t I? (Shall I start on the Inspection Report I got about the debris in my yard? I’m sooo looking forward to my call with the Code Enforcement guy later today.)


    5. Jen

      A warning for me, but my (elderly, life-long resident of Highlands) next door neighbor got a summons to appear in court. I don’t know what they expect us to do with this stuff.

      Options seem to be:
      – a new dumpster every 2 weeks (did I mention the boro PERMIT fees for this, on top of the dumpster costs?)
      – bribe the garbage guys
      – bribe the guys down at the boro recycling yard

      I’m staying an hour away. I have a full time job (not to mention the joys of dealing with insurance companies, mortgage companies, and contractors — oh, and the always so helpful boro (can you feel the sarcasm there?)), am not by any means rolling in money, and can come down on weekends to work on the house. WTF am I supposed to do with the debris?

      I believed them when they told us they’d be collecting until it was done. Apparently that, like the solutions center (DRINK!) and the paid-for-by-insurance-permits, was another convenient at the time truth that is full of crap.

      This might just put me over the edge into a total screaming ranting harpy.


    6. RockemSockem

      This was on city council minutes regarding debri…Mr Francy sure has a heart of gold….what a gem:)
      Punish the victims…maybe Americorps can help with debri removal. All these people want to help us this would help not summons and tax liens. JEEZE, MAN!

      Mr. Francy wants us to issue summons, then remove debris, lien their tax bills.


    7. Broadway Bill

      And this is the same sewer system that i was paying $100 a quarter 4 years ago that I’m now paying $140 a quarter.


  3. RockemSockem

    Hey Guys,

    First off so sorry BB to hear about your troubles especially your Mom…all he best!
    Secondly everybody is just so right… we shouldn’t just on a full moon have to be concerned about our property because the town choices to neglect and lack of action to obvious and consistent issues that cause property damage to residents. Not to mention the blatant lies and heartlessness of their actions of self interest. It may come to a class action lawsuit to get anything done in our best interests as opposed to theirs. Residents Highlands vs Borough of Highlands…… We need to clean house. So many smart people on this site can so run this town better blindfolded:)


    1. Broadway Bill

      That’s NEVER going to happen in Highlands! It doesn’t matter how smart you are, nobody cares unless you’re family has lived in Highlands for atleast 3 generations and you’ve never had any ickling of moving! If you can’t be bothered to notice which restaurants aren’t open anymore and you’re still referring to things that have’t been here for years, nobody wants to hear anything you have to say! If you do say something, they push you right back down in your seat! “Shut up and drink your beer!”


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