Are Highlands Permits Covered by Flood Insurance

permitscostsThis has been asked over and over again, and the answer is dependent on who you ask.  The town:  “Yes, they are reimbursable.” If you ask some of the people who read this blog, “No, no they aren’t.”

So I decided to go to FEMA and try to get a solid answer.

According to FEMA

Damage Items to be included

  • All structural elements, including:
    • Spread or continuous foundation footings and pilingspermits2
    • Monolithic or other types of concrete slabs
    • Bearing walls, tie beams and trusses
    • Floors and ceilings
    • Attached decks and porches
    • Interior partition walls
    • Exterior wall finishes (brick, stucco, siding) including painting and moldings
    • Windows and doors
    • Reshingling or retiling a roof
    • Hardware
    • All interior finishing elements, including:
    • Tiling, linoleum, stone, or carpet over subflooring
    • Bathroom tiling and fixtures
    • Wall finishes (drywall, painting, stucco, plaster, paneling, marble, etc.)
    • Kitchen, utility and bathroom cabinets
    • Built-in bookcases, cabinets, and furniture
    • Hardware
    • All utility and service equipment, including:
    • HVAC equipment
    • Plumbing and electrical services
    • Light fixtures and ceiling fans
    • Security systems
    • Built-in kitchen appliances
    • Central vacuum systems
    • Water filtration, conditioning, or recirculation systems
    • Cost to demolish storm-damaged building components
    • Labor and other costs associated with moving or altering undamaged building components to accommodate improvements or additions
    • GC Overhead and profits

Items to be excluded

  • Plans and specifications
  • Survey costs
  • Permit fees
  • Post-storm debris removal and clean up
  • Outside improvements, including:
  • Landscaping
  • Sidewalks
  • Fences
  • Yard lights
  • Swimming pools
  • Screened pool enclosures
  • Detached structures (including garages, sheds and gazebos)
  • Landscape irrigation systems

Just a suggestion, people that are Facebooker’s should continue this conversation on the Solution Center’s FB page (okay everyone take a drink).


  1. Thanks HB…. I think you are totally MAB material…even though I had not a clue what it meant:)
    Its really not cool for people representing us to blatantly lie to us when we are all so strapped. I’m so disgusted by these people !!!! This event could of been a test who are elected officials are… step up to plate, do the right thing and at least in my opinion they have failed miserably.


    • I have this feeling that they aren’t intentionally lying. I think someone told them it was and since none of them aren’t going pay permit fees, they just never did the research.


  2. Well maybe I’m assuming but I know I told them my insurance didn’t pay and I would imagine others did the same(maybe not?) so how many people have to tell them before they believe what is actual? I have to be honest I think they are aware want money but that’s just me. They should pay like the rest of us!


    • Here’s a crazy idea – how about Highlands just waves the fees like some of the other towns around here?

      And I have no idea what MAB is either.


  3. Maybe reason is that helping their residents get back in their homes without placing more financial burdens on them more important than town making money off their misfortune ? Just a guess of course.


    • Well it’s much nicer than my theory……but I’ve decided to keep my snide comments to myself.


    • Ha BB ,
      You know you see Mayor on TV talking about we are blue collar town not a weathly shore town but seems the weathlier shore towns like Rumson and Seabright have empathy for their residents. I better not see another news truck in town cause I will let them know how these blue collar people are being plundered.


  4. Thanks HB. I was denied payment for my front entrance deck, but this information makes me believe that I should have gotten reimbursed for it. Looks like a call back to the insurance office tomorrow! Thank you for keeping us all informed on this’s my daily go to for real information around here 🙂


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