Grants Available to Raise your house

According to Gov. Chris Christie said the government will give you grants to help you fund some of the repairs and house lifting. “We’ll give you a grant to elevate your home. Even if your home hasn’t been damaged, we’ll give you a grant for a substantial amount of the cost to do that elevation,” Christie told a packed house at a Lavallette firehouse on Tuesday. “It doesn’t mean we won’t continue to push FEMA for relief from the flood maps, but if you wait 18 to 24 months to rebuild, no one will come back to the Jersey Shore.”

The application process has not been set up yet, but will be advertised when it’s finalized, officials said. Its anticipated that it will be available end of March or early April.

So they plan to help you in the future with a process they haven’t figured out yet for an amount not yet determined. (Insert Sarcasm Here)

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