Putting Highlands Back Together One Business at a Time: Sandy Hook Day Care Center

SH DayCareSandy Hook Child Care Center was located in one of the historic homes on the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area.  Established 32 years ago,  as a parent-run non-profit daycare and state licensed preschool located at the James J. Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory.

Luckily, the building for the most part has been undamaged.   But due to these unfortunate circumstances, the Sandy Hook National Park had to close and prohibited anyone that is not a government authorized person to access the park for safety precautions.

Without any incoming monthly tuition, and the fact they will have to  keep the school closed longer than they anticipated, financial hardship is setting in. Tuition, is their main source of income, pays for their lease, staff payroll, utilities and a portion of the food and supplies.

To donate to the Day Care Center CLICK HERE

For more information See: http://www.sandyhookchildcare.org/

or www.nj.com

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  1. We never had problems like this until they created all of those “child labor laws!” Are there no more work houses? I’m sure kids this age are already working on that new I-phone that’s on sale this week at Wal-Mart!


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