Sandy Hook to Open on a limited basis

Sandy Hook park has plans to open three of the park’s eight beaches: Beach B, North Beach and the clothing optional Gunnison Beach by Memorial Day. Although, it may not have permanent restrooms or running water this season. sandy hook

Because of the limited number of beaches open, the park will  limit the number of cars it can accommodate – from about 5,000 vehicles to about 2,000 daily – to avoid overcrowding.

National Park Service, which operates Sandy Hook, is considering speaking with ferry operators to make runs out of the Belford section of Middletown or Atlantic Highlands for New Jersey residents in order to reduce traffic going into the park.


  1. There is no identifiable logic behind this? The parking lots are apparently open, therefore they should be allowed to be filled to capacity even if people are directed to a different beach. And what exactly is causing the beaches to remain ‘closed’ for so long? The supposed “unexploded bomb” issue should be wrapped up by now (this is a simple process of a beach sweep with metal detectors).

    Is it restrooms and water? Island Beach SP does not have those and they do just fine. This seems like a very shortsighted, selfish, anti-public stance by the park personnel- who do they answer to? Everyone should demand full access, with the awareness that maybe porta potties have to be used and you have to bring your own water and food. No big deal to that- remember the early 90’s when they had porta -john trailers- or before that, with nothing at all on many beaches, including dirt parking lots? Everyone did just fine.

    The beach is still a beach, the ocean is still swimmable, and we should all be entitled to access them everywhere even if the park rangers are getting too lazy to deal with the public, and want to herd them like sheep into the simplest of corrals- we should demand more from our public spaces. This would never happen on the west coast or at any other national parkland-


    • Finally, an anonymous on line poster who is an expert on detection and removal of 50 year old unexploded! Why are you not in charge of the clean up efforts instead of these so-called “experts?”

      I couldn’t agree more – if Sandy Hook isn’t open this summer where will all of those obnoxious people from Staten Island go? Heaven forbid we not have bumper to bumper traffic on 36 every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

      And as long as one of the open beaches is Gunnison that’s really all that matters! God how I hate tan lines!


  2. Ok for Sandy Hook. What about the Henry Hudson trail? What’s the status. Thanks for the positive stories that tell others how to help themselves. The sarcasm is sometimes depressing.


    • Unfortunately, the trail between the Atlantic Highlands Marina and the Highlands border at Popamora Point will remain closed indefinitely due to storm damage. I’ve also heard that some out-of-state national trail organizations reached out to the Monmouth County Parks system to ask how they can help restore the trail. So maybe if we can rely on the random acts of kindness from strangers it can be put back together again. (no sarcasm here, just wishful thinking)


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