Voorhees Township adopts Highlands NJ

On Monday, Feb. 11, committee members approved a resolution to adopt Highlands, NJ because it was deeply affected by Sandy.

Voorhees committeeman Michael Friedman brought up the idea to adopt the Highlands before the meeting after resident Pamela Brown presented the idea to him the morning of the meeting.

Voorhees residents will be able to assist Highlands’ residents through Hope for the Highlands web site.

Friedman said the plan is to post a list of ways residents can help out on Voorhees Township’s Facebook page and on the township’s website. The township will collect certain items and will store them in one of the township buildings before driving the items to the Highlands, he said.

He said Brown is planning to reach out to Voorhees schools to gather more items for the donation drive.

The initial impact of Sandy was devastating, but Friedman said the idea behind adopting the Highlands is to not only aid them in their time of need, but to show Voorhees residents the aftermath of Sandy is just as ruthless now than it was a few months ago.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize the true devastation. This isn’t over for those folks who were as hard hit,” Friedman said.