Oh Crap – Flooding and snow expected in Highlands tomorrow

7 Feet Above Normal High Tide??? Are you kidding me??? Really?? &#($*&%^*(^#&^%&
Dear Highlands, Please move your cars and put your stuff up. The silver lining, I don’t actually have drywall up yet..  (Heavy Sigh)


  1. Ah, before you head for the bridge to jump off, the 7 (or 8, depends on what you read) is above the (Low mean low tide, I think), which is not ground level. This is where knowing at least your approximate elevation is helpful. The street in front of my house is about 6 feet above LMLT, so this will be flooded streets but likely not close to inside unless you’re really flat. For reference, Sandy was about 14 feet.

    Still, JCPL will likely crap out on us, and it will be cold and wet. I’m tired of being cold and wet.


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