Buds Grave – Folk Art?


Spaces is a nonprofit public benefit organization created with an international focus on the study, documentation and archive of art environments and self-taught artistic activity.  It was designed to inform and educate anyone who has the desire or curiosity to understand more about art environments.

Some samples of art environments include:

La Maison de Picassiette

Salvation Mountain

Bottle Ranch

And yes, its true.. Bud’s Grave


  1. Well, Number One – Buddy Rogers, “Hollywood,” was wonderful in “Wings!”

    Number Two – I thought Bud’s Grave was gone!

    Number Three – for those of us who haven’t lived in Highlands for generations or for the uninformed who don’t read “Weird NJ” on a regular basis……why not go into a little more detail? I’m sure you must have some “inside information” or personal anecdote


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