Live in Highlands & need help paying utility bills?

With the colder weather (ok, not today… but) comes higher energy bills. If you or someone you know is struggling to pay their utility bills, it is important to know that there is help available! The TRUE Program is open to Highlands households, renters and homeowners alike, of low-moderate income. A household of four can have a combined gross annual income of up to $102,552 and still receive assistance. For more information go to their website or call directly: 732-982-8710 opt 0

7 thoughts on “Live in Highlands & need help paying utility bills?

  1. Rich

    Perhaps we should start a petition 2 get the Fed Gov 2 build 2 or 3 more PETAK Towers 2 house all the seniors being forced out of they’re homes by the new Fed flood regulations.


    1. April J

      That may be the best option since it appears the $30,000 ICC money isn’t going to cover the cost of raising any house. So perhaps $5,000 could be spent to demolish their lifelong home and $25,00 could be spent on construction cost of the new towers. By the time they get around to it, everyone in town will be age qualified 😉


    2. Broadway Bill

      It’s not? How come my contractor quoted me a price of $25,000? And wouldn’t the cost vary depending upon the house?


  2. RockemSockem

    Hello Neighbors,
    This has nothing to do with subject above but wanted to share something with you all(or whomever reads this post). I went to Sleepy’s today in Seaview Square mall and the sales person was a renter displaced from Highlands. She was very cool and got 20% off my purchase. She said to pass on her info to all Highlanders and anyone they know and she will get you best deal she can. Her name is Sharon Brogan and gave me her cell to call (732) 397 5862. She is at Seaview Square on thursdays but in other stores in Monmouth County area other days. She was very helpful and gave us great deal. Tell her Rockem Sockem sent you as I told her I would share with you guys:) Please feel free to pass on or if you see something online give her a ring and see if she can help you get a better deal.
    I hope this helps y’all:) RS


    1. Broadway Bill

      Sharon BROGAN?? I wonder if SHE was considered to be Grand Marshall? Wasn’t the Grand Marshall last year Italian? Oh wait – that was Buddy VALASTRO at the Hoboken parade!


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