Announcing Forever Unloved Sandy, a beer to support NJ Storm Relief

ImageBeginning in early February, beer fans will be able to grab a pint of Flying Fish’s latest beer, Forever Unloved Sandy, also known as “FU Sandy”. Every aspect of the hybrid wheat/pale ale, from the ingredients to the kegs, has been donated, so 100% of proceeds (an estimated $50,000 from the 100 kegs that will be brewed) will go towards a New Jersey-based charity dedicated to Sandy relief.

Flying Fish is planning to produce approximately 100 kegs of FU Sandy, sales of which will generate up to $50,000 directly towards a charity.

The recipient of the F. U. Sandy funds will be a grassroots NJ-based charitable organization dedicated to Superstorm Sandy relief and chosen by Flying Fish fans via social media.

To nominate a charity, email Flying Fish.

I think someone need to start a “Restore the Taphouse” charity on GoFundMe so we can get them nominated.


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