Highlands Man Suffering From Hypthermia

A 53-year-old Highlands man fighting the effects of hypothermia at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune is among the region’s first reported cases – but likely not be the last – during a particularly long and brutal cold spell.

He was found lying at the base of a flight of stairs which led to his apartment on Locust and Willow streets. He was unconscious wearing light clothing and slippers when a passerby walking a dog reported the man to police shortly after 5 a.m., Chief Joseph Blewett said.

No further information was given on why he was at the base of the stairs..


  1. Thank you for the update on our neighbors condition. We just moved to Highlands a week ago. Fortunately my husband found this man lying outside while walking our dog. Together with another neighbor they called for help and we’ve since been concerned regarding the mans condition. I know he is in good hands at Jersey Shore and pray for his recovery.


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