NO WAY I’m I raising my Highlands house…

After how many months past Sandy?? I finally received my acknowledgment letter on the ICC portion of the claim. Good news you say??

Riight… Until I read all the hoops I have to jump through to qualify for the ICC money. Then I read the last line of the letter… And I quote

“Please note that the ICC payment will be based upon reasonable and necessary costs for the market area and your insurance company has final approval of the claim. Your insurance carrier will NOT issue ANY funds until the mitigation work is complete and all required documentation has been received.”

Translated: I have to foot all costs ahead of time and they pay what they want after the fact upon the final approval of the insurance company.

What was the quote from Roger Kimball? “Sandy wrecked our house but bureaucrats are keeping it broken”


  1. That’s ridiculous! If I were you I would wait it out as many things may change! Honestly until they (by they I mean Highlands & State)figure things out not worth stressing over. I feel they are all in complete confusion with lack of clear direction to homeowners. Its a knee jerk reaction…. not well thought out yet. I would just get home and worry about it later, Thats my plan. Lets see what they do with 50 Billion maybe something wise? BTW any idea what deal id with Hope for Highland $$$ and Robin Hood $$$?


    • The last I heard, Highlands had *not* received any money from the Robin Hood Foundation. We were earmarked money, but the check had not arrived yet and there was no clear understanding of when it would. That being said, I think there was some plan to allot a certain amount per household to go to building materials. I’m sure we’re hear more at the next Town Hall meeting.


  2. You know….I’m not made of money either….and yes, it’s very frustrating dealing with insurance companies and bureaucrats, but I spent a year looking for a house all over the area. I decided to buy in Highlands because I liked the town! I still have a mortgage – I can’t afford to go some place else. My house is a block from the marina so I knew I was in a flod zone. They told me 4 years ago I should raise it. I didn’t and I lost pretty much everything! I don’t want to go through this again in another 5 years! I had flood insurance, I want to move back, and this is a good opportunity to rebuild the house the way I want. Why should I waste my time arguing with the boro while I’m sleeping on an air mattress in an apartment with no furniture? I have no problem with doing whatever they tell me I need to do to get back there and even if I did, I really don’t think I have any other choice!


  3. Last I heard height requirements are 17 feet which seems like overkill to me. Going to need elevator to get into home:) If Army Corp comes in to mitigate towns issues I’m hoping these requirements come down. There is too much uncertainty. I’ve been in town 40 years and 5 feet up. Until Sandy never an ounce of water in house and I’m surrounded by water on all sides.


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