Highlands Town Hall Meeting 3rd Monday of Every Month

town hall signHighlands Mayor Nolan will host Town Hall meeting on Monday January 28th, 8pm at Henry Hudson Regional High school.  This is the second town hall meeting dealing with the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on Highlands.  At this meeting, the town will present the latest information as they have it dealing with specific issues related to:

  • FEMA Advisory Base Flood Elevations (ABFE’s):  What they mean to Highlands
  • House Raising issues
  • Home rebuilding issues in the flood hazard zones
  • Services available in the Highlands Solution Center (You know the one that doesn’t actually exist)

The goal is to facilitate getting information that residents need to help them recover from Hurricane Sandy.   Please tell everyone you know.

They want to try to have much of the information as possible as handouts available at the meeting and also at borough offices next day after the meeting.

Moving forward scheduled future Town Hall meetings are schedukled for the 3rd Monday of every month until such time the meetings are no longer necessary.


  1. Great idea to have these on a regular basis during such a critical time. I hope you will continue to up date those of us who can’t attend. It would be great if the town videotaped the town hall meetings and put them on our website so all of us can stay informed.


  2. Hey Fellow Highlanders,

    I know this has nothing to do with meeting but I was in Highlands working on home today and needed something from Quickcheck so since I don’t have running water at my home at moment I stopped in Ciao Bella Pizza a few doors down and explained my situation and asked if I might use their restroom. They said sure if you buy something, Now I can certainly understand this policy under normal circumstances but this was just cold and uncompassionate . So I would like to file this under businesses in area kicking you while your down category, Needless to say I will never buy or order anything from that establishment again and I urge ever single person I know to do the same.
    …..thats all folks


    • big thumbs down for Ciao Bella.. was it one of the owners or one of the girls at the counter? If it was one of the girls then I might attribute it to “young, dumb and no business experience” if it was one of the owners, “really bad business” I mean its not like its summer and your a benny that would never come back


  3. One of the Owners… I did what I could vocally to shame him but didn’t seem to affect him much! Just could care less basically. Very bad man:)


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