Seastreak runs into Pier 11

seastreak crash

The Seastreak ferry “Wall Street” which leaves at 8 am out of Highlands, NJ crashed into Pier 11 at about 8:43 a.m. today. There is a big gash in the starboard bow.

Its being reported that 57 people with 2 in critical condition. 5 crew members were injured.

A triage was set up on pier 11 to assist with the injuries.

Ferry service has been diverted to either Wall street or Midtown.
300+ people commute to NYC every day on Seastreak. People were waiting to leave the rear starboard side exit. Anybody that’s commutes know that people are lined up down the stairs as well as by the bar.

The crash is under an ongoing investigation.


  1. Jesus. That’s my boat. And I would have been one of those on the stairs. Those really fucking sharp pointy metal stairs.

    Have heard from one friend who was on the boat. She’s banged up.

    Enough already…


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