What’s going on with Sandy Hook after Sandy

sandy hook water line
Pete McCarthy NPS points to waterline

According to NJToday during Sandy Sandy Hook had 13 ft tidal surges, had 6ft of sand on the road ways, 80 – 90% of the dunes are gone. Four out of six beach stands were damaged, a concession stand was blown away.  The sewage treatment center was compromised and there are no working restrooms. The electric has been compromised and most of the Hook is using generators still.

Some of the Officers Quarters also sustained damage, many of which need supports to hold up their front porches.

The road to North & Gunnison beaches is torn up and basically non existent.

Recently they had a 18 person crew comb the beaches with metal detectors looking for live shells. Two were found.

To hear more, go here and the Segment starts at 22:30

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  1. Well if Gunnison is closed, where will I go to get that even, all over tan? I don’t want a repeat of the ugly incident at “Lamps Plus!”


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