Highlands Town Hall Meeting Notes

Garbage & Gift cards

Resident Needs Assessment – The town has created a form for people to provide a summary of what their situation is and what is needed. Its my understanding this is initial form that is being used for the monies being filtered in from all the different NFP’s.

New FEMA maps – are approximate maps with the final to come out sometime in 2013. the new maps are considered said to be very conservative. This means the levels in the zones will not be raised next year, they would only potentially be lowered.

Highlands Solution Center (Taking a page from Sea Bright) will be opening soon in the building next to Chubby Pickle. It is
set up to help streamline processes as well as provide guidance and assistance to Highlands residents. It is targeted to open between Christmas & New Year’s.

Communication Issues – Communications & local numbers should be reinstated within the next 7-10 days. For the next few days, the temporary phone number will continue to be courtesy of Cisco who are providing loaner emergency communications at no charge. Town officials can currently be reached at 408-432-2811.

Jim McGarry – Legislative Liaison NJ Banking & Insurance was there to go over insurance questions and handed out complaint forms for those having issues. This is for HOME OWNERS only,  FEMA administers the Flood insurance Complaints

HOPE FOR HIGHLANDS MONEY: The money raise by the BID (Hope for Highlands)  They want to make available up to $1000 per household for things like materials with prioritization based on needs. Some personal information will be requested because everyone wants the money to go to those who need it the most. I think the same 5 person oversight committee is being used as the Robin Hood Foundation.

Robin Hood Foundation

They committed $200,000 to the Hope for Highlands fund before the 12.12.12 concert. There are strict conditions to receive this money related to ensuring the funds are solely dedicated to the residents of Highlands.

There will be an  oversight committee to distribute the funds for these and future efforts consists of:

Rick Korn, Guy that set up the Highlands concert;

Tim Hill, Highlands Town Administrator;

Rosemary Ryan, Highlands Volunteer Coordinator;

Rachel Stockton, a local teacher;

Some CPA Guy (I didn’t catch a name)

An unnamed liaison from the Business Partnership who will not be able to vote

Lacrosse coach guy from N Jersey wants to use social media to assist with Highlands Needs as well. Mayor Nolan has more information on this guy.


  1. “Some CPA Guy”….an unamed liason from the HBP (I’m guessing Carla? Jay Cosgrove?)..and “Lacrosse Coach”…..it almost sounds like either the Secret Identities of the Justice League of America or the team that pulled off the job in “Reservoir Dogs!” lol!

    Hey listen, I’m glad something is being done….


  2. I was at boro hall on Monday….they said the Highlands Solution Center would be open on Thursday. I called on Wednesday and they said it would be open the first week of January.


    • Got to love it.. If you ask 5 different people, you’d get 5 different answers. (Heavy sigh) I would just drive by the building next to Chubby Pickle over the next few days and if the lights are on… go in..


    • found out that the same building has the construction offices (downstairs) and Admin (upstairs) – they *plan* to put in a solutions center there. There isn’t an ETA, a few things need to happen first a) qualified people to staff it b) grant money from the RobinHood foundation to pay for the qualified people – as of right now there aren’t the resources put in place OR the money to pay for the resources. So back to square one


  3. Robin Hood Fund demands complete transparency so unamed liaison doesn’t sound transparent to me. If we ask we may be put on double secret probation:)


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