Highlands Town Hall Meeting Tonight

Mayor Frank Nolan will be holding a townhall meeting on Thursday, December 20th at 7:30 pm at Henry Hudson Regional School.

This session will include information on FEMA, insurance, construction and other storm related assistance.

~Nothing like short notice


    • Unbelievable since most Highlanders that need help are displaced from Highlands. Not sure who person is who hosting this blog but must say thanks as I can’t find any information on Highlands Municipal site which is disgrace. Wondering if anyone has info on how to get application for the 200k that Robin Hood foundation donated to citizens of highlands? We asked town and they had no clue. Also any idea what was discussed at townmeeting?
      Great job of staying on top of things and getting word out. You should be working for boro to help them get information out as clearly there is an issue there.


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