Will you have to lift your Highlands House?

The latest FEMA flood maps are out.
This means that you *may* have to raise your house in downtown Highlands before being issued a new c/o. To check to see if you’ve been issued an ICC letter click here

On top of the financial hardship this is going to bring certain people, it’s uncertain on timing requirements. I mean there are only soo many house lifters and potentially hundreds of Highlands houses impacted.

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    • It means that you are *supposed* to raise your house and the town can in theory withhold the c/o if you don’t raise your house. There are some issues around this, a) I can’t see the town withholding everyone’s c/o (you are talking 1400 homes) and not letting people move back into their homes if they are not raised. b) Even if you are approved from your insurance company for their ICC funds (normally $30k) they put a time frame on how long you have to raise it.


    • The town time frame I don’t know. I know as far as the insurance co and ICC money, it can differ by policy, it could be 4 years or 3 years, you actually need to read your policy.


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