Christmas Gifts Ideas in Highlands

Looking for ways to help in Highlands out and buy Christmas Gifts all in one? Why not buy your friends, family, postal worker, hair dresser etc a gift card to a local Highlands Restaurant?

Buy that special someone a gift card to Bahrs or Off the Hook, patrons will be able to frequent local establishments (well the ones we have open) helping the local economy & businesses.

Lusty is offering an additional $20 if you buy a $100 gift card before 12/14.


  1. Don’t forget Gimpies….what? Well how about a night at Connor’s? Really? Them, too? Well there’s always te Hoffbrau Hause……


  2. Your commentary on everything pertaining to Highlands is equivalent to “trash talking”. You have nothing good to say about anything, and you go out of your way to spread your negativity. Quite honestly, why the hell are you still in a town you hate so much?


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