Pallone writes letter to Sandy Hook “urging to open next summer”

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone (D-6th Dist.) wrote a letter to the National Park Service asking them to make restoring Sandy Hook a priority and provide enough funding and support to get the beach operational in time for next summer’s tourist season.

“Recent press reports have indicated that Sandy Hook may remain closed this coming summer. The National Park Service must do everything within its power to ensure that this is not the case.”

“In response to my letter I request that you provide me with a detailed plan explaining how the National Park Service plans to restore operations, return organizations and park employees to their buildings and homes and provide access to the park as soon as possible.”

Sandy Hook Light HouseCan you tell Pallone wasn’t directly affected by Sandy?

That letter would like if Atlantic Highlands town council(AH having no jurisdiction in Highlands – just being a neighboring town, like Pallone having no real jurisdiction on Federal Property, and just representing neighboring communities) wrote to you and said, “We urge you to put your house back together because it the way it looks now, it doesn’t reflect well on the town and will hurt our economic viability as a town because some of the Ferry people don’t want to look at the houses in the current state, in response to our letter, please provide a detailed plan explaining how you plan to restore your home and make it aesthetically pleasing.” –

If I got a letter like that my initial response would be start with F and end in U. Anybody in downtown that has been affected knows the new normal, you think putting your house back together won’t be too difficult, then you deal with the red tape of the insurance companies, the contractors, the fact that the delta between what its going to cost you well surpasses what you have or will get from your insurance company. Then imagine getting a similar letter asking you to hurry up and make sure you get it down in a short time frame?

Hey Pallone, here’s a better idea, why not acknowledge the devastation Sandy Hook undertook and ask what you can do personally to help get it functional by next summer. Make the commitment to the Park Service that you will assist with fixing the problem by ensuring they have the fiscal and human resources necessary to achieve the goal of opening and not exasperating the issue by making stupid requests that may or may not be feasible.


  1. As a Highlands resident and frequent Sandy Hook-goer, I was cheered that Frank Pallone wrote a letter urging the Park Service to attend to the dire needs of the peninsula. The Park Service receives a huge amount of revenue from this area but has allowed the buildings to decay and may not be responsive to this disaster. Pallone does care about the area and is a well-known staunch advocate for Sandy Hook, the environment, and its residents. I don’t believe the analogy with Atlantic Highlands and Highlands is apt. He is a Congressman and does have influence which has has used many times on our behalf.


    • I disagree with you. I found his letter distasteful under the circumstances. The better approach (as I think everyone would like Sandy Hook to open) would have been to be a part of the solution and not just sit back and mandate one


  2. Well it better be open this summer – where else will I go to get that even “all over” tan! I don’t want a repeat of that ugly incident at Bahrs! Who knew the Moby’s deck wasn’t clothing optional?


  3. And in the meantime…let’s worry about you all having a beach to go to while my dad and his fellow employees have been told they will not be allowed to live at Sandy Hook anymore…Glad the real priorities are in tact here…all anyone cares about is their damn beach and summer…how about my dad having to leave his home of 38 years because THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE DOESN’T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT SANDY HOOK OR IT’S EMPLOYEES.


  4. As a Highlands resident, I applaud Congressman Pallone’s letter. Sandy Hook provides jobs to local residents and revenue to local businesses. The federal government should be doing everything possible to reopen Sandy Hook for the summer; it is an important catalyst that our area needs as we rebuild our communities.


    • So you are saying that you think a letter is more efficient than actually getting in the mix and coordinating resources to actually fix it?

      As a Highlands resident, and someone whose house was destroyed by Sandy, actions speak louder than words.

      What would you rather have, people telling you how sorry they are or the volunteers that actually showed up and helped?


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