Benefit Concert in Highlands Sunday

Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 2:00PM a FREE concert will take place at Seastreak Ferry Landing at Connors, 325 Shore Drive in Highlands.

The money raised will be administered by “Hope for Highlands”, set up through the non-profit Highlands Business Partnership under the direction of Mayor Frank Nolan and Councilwoman Rebecca Kane, the organization’s Liaison. It is designed to go directly to the people and businesses in Highlands that need it most.
Some of the artists signed up to perform are Jersey Shore legend Bob Bandiera, Bob Burger, Lisa Bouchelle, Lisa Lowell, Layonne Holmes, and saxophone legend Tommy LaBella. Additional artists are being added.

There will also be a food court with the chef’s from Highlands restaurants that were destroyed all up and down Bay Avenue and the waterfront as well as a beer and wine garden sponsored by Shore Point Distributing.


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