Highlands Residents eligible for Comcast Rebate

NJ State law protects consumers from paying for cable television services during extended outages. Many of us in Highlands had lost power and cable service after Hurricane Sandy and residents need to contact Comcast or their local cable provider if you lost service for more than six hours. (Which everyone in Highlands did)

Although cable providers must provide the rebates, they are under no obligation to do so unless a customer requests one within 30 days. Comcast customers can ensure their rebate by calling Comcast at 1-800-934-6489. Other customers should call their own provider directly.

How Comcast Calculates the rebate:

Take your monthly comcast bill amount divide by 30 = x, then times x by the # of days you were without power.  So for example, if your Comcast bill is $100, $100/30 days = $3.33 (Daily rate), then they take the daily rate and times it by the number of days without power, so $3.33 x 11 = $36.67 credit

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