Highlands after Sandy – So Now What – UPDATED March 2012

Its been 2 weeks since Sandy hit Highlands. We don’t have to get stopped entering town any more. Although there is still a curfew in effect. The question on everyone’s mind is – So

Now What?

What Businesses are going to be Open?
Off the HookOPEN
Bahrs – OPEN
Cork & Bottle – OPEN
Moby’s – CLOSED (Season)
Chubby Pickle – OPEN
Wind & SeaOPEN

China Sea – OPEN
Welsh Farms
Bay Ave Spirits –
Lusty LobsterOPEN

Inlet Cafe – CLOSED – Open By St Pattys DAYInletprogress2013
Grimaldis – CLOSED – Planning on Reopening
Andy’s Shore Bar – CLOSED Not sure if Reopening
Twin Light Tap House – CLOSED Not sure if Reopening
Bay Ave Trottoria – CLOSED Not sure if Reopening
FRESH – CLOSED Not sure if Reopening
Lauras – CLOSED Not sure if Reopening
Claddagh – CLOSED Planning on Reopening Easter 2013 – Inside Gutted
Havanas – CLOSED
Flower Shop  OPENED
Clamhut – CLOSED
Original Oyster – CLOSED Not sure if Reopening
Doris & Ed’s – CLOSED since Irene

6 thoughts on “Highlands after Sandy – So Now What – UPDATED March 2012

  1. Ana F.

    It breaks my heart to see that nearly half of the above businesses are unsure if they are reopening. We are from Pittsburgh but fell in love with Highlands several years ago. We vacation there twice a year and plan to buy a vacation home there as soon as our boys are out of college. I truly appreciate the video posted by Elyse Parker on Nov. 4 (though it makes me bawl every time) since TV coverage of the area was nonexistent before the Weather Channel got there–and that was limited. Please know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. See you this summer!


    1. Broadway Bill

      Well depending upon when your boys get out of college…they’ll probably be some great bargains there! And I’m sure everything will be back up in time for Memorial Day!


  2. Avery

    I do not think they will re open the Original Oyster since it’s the same owner as the Inlet Cafe (which is going to be reopened).

    Chubby Pickle should be reopening soon.


  3. Courtney

    Any more updates? This was a great list to share. Driftwood reopened before the power came back on. Last Saturday night they had a we are open for business sign out. I was very happy to see it!!


    1. highlandsblog Post author

      As of yesterday, OTH, Bahrs, Chubby Pickle and Wind & Sea were open.

      There seems to be an air of uncertainty with some others in town. Its not the clean up, its the putting it back together and replacing equipment.

      Hopefully we’ll keep seeing progress and re-openings.


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