Should Henry Hudson Remain a Highlands Shelter? – UPDATED

UPDATE 11/12:  Gov. Chris Christie says Fort Monmouth is being readied to house families displaced by Superstorm Sandy. The base can easily provide temporary housing to up to 600 families.  Families will begin being moved in from shelters by month’s end.


There have been discussions on what to do with those displaced from Hurricane Sandy in Highlands. There is a thought that just throw those people out and restore the school for the students. There is an encampment at Monmouth Racetrack, which is acceptable for utilities workers roughing it while doing a job, but not so acceptable for a families home during the winter.
A. I had heard they were considering opening living quarters in Fort Monmouth. That would be a great idea and not sure why that got squashed.
B. Keep the Shelter, have the students go to either the elementary school or ship them to a neighboring school like Middletown South. Elementary school kids can go to AH.