Another Storm Hitting Highlands

The Nor’easter hitting Highlands right now is wind, rain, snow, sleet and expected flooding. That being said it feels like a cake walk compared to last weeks hurricane.

And although the town has done a great job in picking up the debris, there are still couches, televisions and carpets that the flooding from the storm waterlogged and turned into trash still sit in heaps along curbs, in parts spilling out onto the roads and narrowing two way streets into one way streets. What the flooding is going to do to the debris seems to be more of a concern than the flooding itself.

Some parts of down town still are without power and heat, that being said some residents are refusing to evacuate due to this little storm. High tides in Highlands are expected at:

1:35 p.m Wednesday
2:29 a.m. Thursday
2:32 p.m. Thursday

Looters are still an issue. And I wouldn’t recommend taking on the situation yourself or you might end up like John Nesti who fired a warning shot at a looter.