UPDATED: Mandatory evacuations in Highlands for Hurricane Sandy

UPDATED:  Sunday 10/28

Highlands OEM has declared a mandatory evacuation for the area bounded by the south or east side of Shore Dr to the river, effective 9pm this evening.  There will be a curfew in force at that time.  Businesses in town will be shut down by 7pm except certain key businesses such as Cumberland Farms and Katz deli, who will close at 9pm.  There will be no getting back into town after 9pm, police will man check points at both ends of downtown area.  Check Highlands website for details about location and procedures for county shelter locations.  A major concern is pets in the mandatory evacuation zone.  There is limited ability bring pets to the county shelters.  It is recommended that residents with pets that need to evacuate make arrangements to stay with family or friends.


Highlands WAS under a Voluntary evacuation as of Saturday 10/27. Sea Bright is under a mandatory evacuation as of 4pm Sunday and Monmouth County issues a state of emergency for the county.

Significant tidal water, heavy rain, wind, and storm surge are expected along with a LUNAR FULL MOON from Monday thru Wednesday.

Four to Eight feet of water above high tide is forecasted for our area.

High Tides
Saturday 7:15pm
Sunday 7:39am
Sunday 7:58pm
Monday 8:18am
Monday 8:39pm
Tuesday 8:54am
Tuesday 9:18pm
Wednesday 9:29am
Wednesday 9:58pm


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