Is Highlands Going to Flood next week?


Update of Thursday 10/25

Have you heard anything about Tropical storms Sandy & Tony? If not, you may want to pay attention if you live in the flooding parts of Highlands.  We have 3 separate weather fronts that could create a powerful and damaging storm across a large portion of the northeast U.S. East Coast early next week. (Including Highlands)

Right now, it appears as though Tropical Storm Sandy will be moving northward off the east coast over the upcoming weekend and probably transition from a tropical system to a non-tropical (Nor’Easter) type storm.  At the same time a shot of cold air will be moving south from Canada.  That trough will drive south and east underneath Sandy and take on a negative tilt, which means the flow up above will be from southeast to northwest. Add in Tropical storm Tony to the mix which will be pushing eastward and possibly gaining momentum.

Why is this important to Highlands?  2 storms come to mind Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and the Nov storm of 1991 (Perfect Storm)

Oh and next week is a full moon. (I predict people will have to move vehicles next week.)

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