What are ‘Speed Humps’ and why are they on Highland Ave?

I can honestly say I never heard of Speed Humps before I saw the sign on Highland Ave earlier today. Speed Bumps – Yes, but Speed Humps – No.  Residents of Highland Avenue have been complaining of speeders for a while. There are minutes in 2008 of discussing speeding issues on Highland & Willow Avenues. Four years later we get speed humps.

According to NJDOT, a speed hump is a traffic “calming measure” (Seriously?) which use forces of vertical acceleration to discourage speeding.  So what’s the difference between Speed Bumps and Humps? A speed bump is abrupt, having a height of 3 to 4 inches over a length of 1 to 3 feet. Speed bumps cause most vehicles to slow down to almost a stop to go over it. Speed humps, on the other hand, are designed so most vehicles can go over them at 20 mph without causing driver discomfort.

For safety reasons, speed humps are not supposed to be installed within road sections which are curved or where the street slopes uphill/downhill. (And it’s not like Highland  Avenue is sloped or has a “S” curve.) The reason behind that is if the descending grade is steeper than 5%, the moving vehicular may launch uncontrollably by the speed hump and cause damages to the said launched vehicle or an adjacent property.  In addition, if a street centerline curve radius is less than 300 feet it doesn’t give adequate sight distance to allow the drivers time to react to the speed hump(s).

If the speed humps are not installed properly and property damage or personal injury occurs, the installing agency may be held liable. In fact, in other states, courts have held public agencies liable for damage and/or injury resulting from both speed humps and speed bumps.

Who are the speeders and when are the worst offenders – (they can’t blame this one on Ferry traffic), my guess high schoolers trying to avoid being stuck behind a school bus..


  1. I think there’s a LOT of words I never heard of before I moved to Highlands!

    Before I moved here, I thought only girls wore white boots, too!


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