New Gas Station Closer to Coming to Highlands

June 2011, I wrote how Quick Chek was coming to Highlands, over a year later, its almost here. The green Quick Chek sign can now be seen where the hot dog place & Stewarts used to be. Lower gas prices for Highlands should be here by Jan 2013. Competition is good.


  1. Just because they’re opening a new gas station…how does that equal lower (prices, I assume since that word appears to be missing from the article)?

    Besides, I’m already convinced that some people in Highlands already by gas from a secret location because I ALWAYS see cars running outside of the Welsh Farms with nobody in them and I know the gas I put in my tank is way too expensive to waste like that!


    • when you have competing gas stations (i.e. welsh farms and Quick Chek) prices come down, currently people I know drive to WaWa because its cheaper. But will on occasion go to Welsh Farms.


    • Okay…it’s a theory I don’t necessarily agree with, but – it’s a theory. Although personally, I feel it’s kind of a waste driving out of way to get someplace with cheaper gas…I usually get gas at the station that’s on my way to where I’m going and/or the one that’s the easiest to pull in and out of!

      Let’s return to this topic in a few weeks and see if there’s much difference in price between Welsh Farms and the Quick Check.


  2. It’s amazing that quick chek employee and over night manager lisa is allowed to threaten costumers with a weapon and still have a job,what a place


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