Sept means Bulk Pick up in Highlands

First week of September, means kids are back in school, Benny’s are back up North & Bulk pick up is this month. Depending on what garbage Zone you are in, a certain week is “Bulk” week to you in September.  Zone 1 is this week, Zone 4 is the 4th Friday of September.

What is Bulk Pick up? One of the 4 times a year you can unload your big crap and the garbage guys will pick it up.

Some things as a reminder:

You can toss 4 Large Items or the equivalency of 4 cans can be collected.

Appliances shall not be placed at the curb before 6:00 P.M. on the day before the scheduled pick up.

Doors must be removed from refrigerators prior to placement at the curb.

No construction material or vehicle parts will be picked up.

Please separate metal and slack in a separate pile.  (most likely the scrap guys will pick this up first)

Also note your “Brush” day will correspond with your “Bulk” day, so if you have tree limbs etc. get them out there.



  1. You mean Bulk pick up is only once a year? I see people put out couches and refrigerators all years long and they always “mysteriously” disappear in a few hours.


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