Highlands Hardware Auction Today

All the contents of the Highlands Hardware store (Bay ave & Waterwitch Ave) are being auctioned off at 12 Noon August 23, 2012.

The Auction will be featuring tools, power tools, hand tools, blades, bits, plumbing supplies, faucet sets, brass, copper, pvc & iron fittings, locks, door hardware, padlocks, chemicals, household cleaners, electrical supplies, bulbs, carded hardware, nails, screws, and fixtures.

The only notice I saw was in Craigslist NY  & seeing the Auction Today sign when I drove by.

It will be a pretty good opportunity to pick up some tools cheap.  Also maybe we’ll see something else opening up.


    • I think we have plenty of restaurants in town. What we need is our own hardware store again. it’s so convenient to have a place in town to go to instead of driving to Atlantic or all the way out to the Home Depot, especially if you are only looking to pick up a few screws or a quart of paint. When you are doing a job on your house, maybe a repair or something, who wants to stop and drive around to make that small purchase when all you have to do is take a 2 minute drive down Bay Ave and grab what you need. What do you think?


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