Flash Flood in Highlands Wednesday

The storm system that went through NJ yesterday afternoon (Aug 15th) dumped a large amount of water in a half an hour period which resulted in a flash flood down Waterwitch Avenue and resembled a muddy raging river.

The rain water came off of Monmouth Hills and flooded parts of Rt 36 by the Linden jug handle as well as by Kavookjian Field. The rain water proceeded to run across the median and run down Waterwitch  & Linden Avenues to Huddy Park on Bay Ave and Waterwitch. Two cars were stuck in the southbound lane of Rt 36 after a flash flood left the vehicles in more than a foot of water.

The water eventually dissipated however a lot of mud remains on Bay and Waterwitch Avenues as well as there are still rocks and mud covering the right lane and part of the left lane on Route 36 in front of Kavookjian field.


  1. In addition, the water came down the cliff behind Hillside Village Condos and Ferry Landing on Shore Drive, crossed over the drainage ditch at the bottom which no longer drains due to continued erosion of the cliff, and created a lake to rival Waterwitch, Bay Ave and the park. Most of it has dissipated, but the mud remains there also .


  2. Oh come on…most of that mud around Huddy Park has been there since the big storm on the last night of Carla’s Clam Fiasco and it was probably left over from all the construction going on in July. Don’t blame it on just this storm!


  3. Speaking from the Lower 9th Ward of the Highlands. Snug Harbor Ave. has been a muddy river with every rain storm, heavy or light, since the July Bay Ave. construction. Is there anyone who understands why & what, if anything, can be done about it? The flooding is bad enough, but the resulting dirt covering the street after each flood means a cloud of mud dust with each passing car. Guess the best we can hope for is a good full moon tidal flood to rinse the street clean. God I love the Highlands.


    • A full moon and high tide is the way we’ve always done it in Highlands! No reason to change now. I hope you ain’t suggesting that we do it any other way! We’ve been doing it that way for years! You must be new around here!


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