Brothers Arrested at The Claddagh

Brothers John A. Lytle (29)   62 Fourth St Highlands NJ   and    Michael J. Lytle (24) from Rumson were both arrested for Robbery and Simple Assault.  Apparently on May 22 the brothers Lytle assaulted their victim in John Lytle’s Fourth St home where they stole his cell phone (among other items),  later John Lytle used  the victim’s telephone to contact the victim’s friend and warn the victim to not contact the police. Unlucky for him, the Highlands Police were present during the receipt of the call. The victim then agreed to meet John Lytle who stated that he was at the Claddagh Bar on Bay Ave in  Highlands. The police showed up instead and arrested both John and Michael Lytle. The victim’s stolen property was found on the Lytles.


    • John Lytle is the scum of the earth. Not only is what he did on this occasion repulsive, he likes to beat up woman and hold them against their will. He should have been locked up years ago.


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