Click it or Ticket Rolls into Highlands

May 21 and through June 3 the Highlands NJ PD will be cracking down on motorists and their passengers not using seat belts as part of the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign. The annual initiative includes high visibility law enforcement seat belt checkpoints and saturation patrols, as well as local and national publicity designated to ensure that drivers and passengers recognize the life-saving value of seat belt.

Personally it sounds like a revenue generation tool. Ticket all the ferry traffic or people going to the beach on memorial day weekend. People aren’t going to be happy about getting ticketed, so maybe the police should take part of the sting out of it by only having the checkpoints when people are “leaving” from the ferry not when they are trying to make the ferry. Or people “leaving” Sandy Hook not just trying to get to the beach. I mean why ruin their whole day?

Just an idea.