Places to Watch the Playoff Games in Highlands

NYG v SFThere are several options on going out to watch the playoffs in  Highlands, NJ.

If we start at one end of town and go through your options are:

Off the Hook – Which you have the option of watching inside or out. Outside has more TV’s, has a great view, but probably isn’t the place for sensitive non-smokers. Normally known for their JETS fans, there will be a decent Giants following. Food is good and you have the option of regular bar apps (wings & slides) and non-fried fare (Tuna bites, bacon wrapped shrimp)

The Chubby Pickle – Touts itself as a sports bar. Many TV’s although not overly big TV’s. They haven’t been open during playoff’s so can’t tell you about their fan base. Food is limited and typical fried fare, but they have some southern influence with fried pickles (Frickles) and Fried Green Tomatos on their app menu.

Twin Light Tap – Not a lot of room around the bar and the TV’s sit up kind of high. However they have a couch, fireplace and big screen TV upstairs which feels like your in someone’s living room. This is the best place if your a beer snob, they have the best selection in town. Their menu is excellent and their fan base is not as rowdy as you might find in other places in town.

The Claddagh Typical hole in the wall local bar. Normal Pub food on the menu.  Games can get rowdy depending on the crowd there. Nice size TV’s.

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