OWS – Occupy Wall Street – one person’s view..


Ok, so Occupy Wall Street has  been going on for what a month now. Do I agree with what they are doing? Not really. Do I think they have a right to do it, yes.

Honestly, I really don’t think they have a clear message or conception of what they want and realistically can accomplish.  AND because of that – people like me don’t take them seriously.

I mean really, look at this sign:

Occupy Wall Street Daily Agenda
Daily To-Do list

Outreach discussion – CHECK

Discussion on “REAL democracy” CHECK

Clown & Burlesque show (3pm)  WHAT??

I wonder if the rebels chasing Gaddafi had a clown show right before they killed him?

Kinda looks like Wild Bill Hancok/Freddie KruggerOk, then there is this guy, Mr. I have tattoos on my face and yet still wonder why I can’t find work. And why do you think he hates Barney Frank? Is he homophobic? Is it because he’s anti-drug and Barney has been against federal government  preempting states’ medical marijuana laws? – Meaning he’s okay with personal use of the stuff.  Did Barney Frank maybe made him lose his job at the rodeo? – Don’t really know.

Then take the girl below, who seems to be FOR lax marijuana laws (Mixed message). Maybe these two should have a discussion??

How exactly is legalizing pot going to “SAVE” the economy? Maybe she thinks that the bill collectors for her student loans that were going to harass her for payment, but then they got high would benefit her. And look at the old guy next her.. “Free Healthcare, Education, Food clothing, Shelter for all”  – yeah, but they aren’t for communism.

And this lady, is she REALLY a protestor or just a homeless person that is using a sign to keep warm? Does she & her little poodle really hate corporate power? Does she really look like she should be wearing vans with peace signs? – just saying