Back in the late 90’s I came across the website – ( I think one of my vegetarian friends told me about it) which wasn’t People for the ethical treatment of animals, it was “People Eat Tasty Animals.”

Think of it as an Onion-like or Mad Magazine spoof – where it contained links to over 30 sites including some that promoted the sale of leather goods and meats. It used to have recipes too, like rabbit stew or venison sausage.

PETA (the People for Ethical Treatment) people were NOT amused. They eventually sued him to turn over the domain to them.  The courts found the owner in violation of trademark infringement because “Looking at the domain name alone, there wasn’t suggestion of a parody… ” – (which doesn’t make sense, because there is no parody extensions for websites. Maybe there should be a .par or a .lol)

The courts also ruled that  PETA (People for ethical treatment) was ineligible for a monetary award because the site did not maliciously infringe the trademark because he was creating a parody and had a 1st Amendment right to do so.

The website wasn’t special, it was unprofessionally made – but it did have the word Peta in the URL.

What amazed me is the amount of Hate Mail this guy got.  These peace and love people were all incensed over this site. Really really ANGRY..

Do vegetarians not have senses of humor?  And why can’t the seem to spell? Why do they think killing animals is wrong, but killing humans – that’s ok..

I went back to see if the site still existed without the PETA url and it does.  If you look at it, its nothing special, probably never got huge traffic, but some how became a real threat to PETA. (I think it was the .org thing, is available though for $19.99 – just saying) and I do believe he’s on facebook as well..

If it was still a viable site, I would have him add these links:

Alpine Rabbit Stew

How to de-bone a Rabbit

How to Roast a Pig

Leg of Lamb Recipes

Roadkill – its like Free Meat

Slow Roasted Squirrel