Where to Hike in/Around Highlands

I saw a tweet the other day Treadmill or Outside??  – Me? Definitely Outside..

Then I really thought about it and based where we are are why wouldn’t ANYONE rather be outside?

You have your choice 3 scenic trails – all within walking distance –

1) Sandy Hook – Paved & takes you in and out of nature, plus your right by the ocean and have a view of the bay.  Nine plus miles, minimal elevation.

2) Henry Hudson – not paved, but nice hike relatively flat flat, all by the water, goes between AH and Highlands. (Beware of bike riders though) If you venture past AH you can take it all the way to Freehold. (Rumor has it, it was the rail road that ran to Highlands back in the day).

3) Hartshorne Woods – he park has 16 miles of trails, several old military bunkers and a small beach with a fishing pier. Some of the trail is paved, some you’re in the woods, it has certain parts that are more difficult than others.