SuperBowl commerical Recap

Well let me start by saying, since BIG BLUE and the J-E-T-S were out of it.. it wasn’t that important of a game.

THIS YEAR – it was a trifecta, the game was ehhh, the half time show with the BEP was disappointing and the commercials were – well marginal.

There were some commercials that were better than others. Some of my favorites were:
VW Darth Vadar Ad
BUD Tiny Dancer Ad – (Although, I really expected a Clydesdale ad)
The House (TV show) Ad – . “House,” House ad. The network that carries the Supe gets to plug its own shows and Fox outdid itself by having Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) pull off a deliciously twisted parody of the famous Mean Joe Greene Coca-Cola ad. This one ends up with the kid crying. It’s a keeper.
The “Hit Reply To All” Bridgetone commercial – Guy thinks he hits reply to all and runs around trying to correct his problem.

According to NYDN the top favorite ads were:

1. “House,” House ad. – One of my favorites…

2. Audi, Escape to Luxury. A whole screwball prison escape drama in 60 seconds. “Unleash the hounds,” barks the boss man, and elegant Afghans bound out. It ends with Kenny G. Who could have known?  – Not all that..

3. Bridgestone Tires, Beaver. Okay, it wasn’t exciting like seeing Roseanne get flattened by a mammoth tree trunk. A guy avoids hitting a beaver because he’s driving on Bridgestone tires. The beaver pays him back six months later by felling a tree that keeps the guy from driving onto a collapsed bridge. It’s pure harmony between man and rodent. And it’s okay to cry. – Agree with the top 5, what can I say animals rule.

4. PepsiMax, What they’re really thinking. There were two first-date spots and this was the best one. She’s wondering how he feels about commitment and kids and he’s obsessed about sleeping with her, until he gets obsessed about Pepsi. She says “No way” and he doesn’t know which obsession she’s addressing. — I like the one where she throws her can at her boyfriend and hits the woman sitting next to him.

5. Adrien Brody, Stella Artois. A love song to a beer. It was the kind of thing the Budweiser lizards used to do when they were alive. – I don’t know why this is on the list.

What’s interesting is that other people thought the House ads were good too. Since they were Fox driven House ads (pun intended) they most likely not nearly as expensive as the other Doritos, Chevy or Pepsi MAX ads, but a heck of a lot more creative.