The Evil Clown in Middletown –

The Evil Clown is a large outdoor sign on northbound New Jersey Route 35 in Middletown

evil clown of middletown
Evil Middletown Clown

Township, New Jersey, advertising a Spirits Liquor Store. It was originally constructed by Joseph Azzolina’s Food Circus grocery store in the 1950’s to advertise the store. In its early years it continuously rotated via electric motors, a then-common form of advertising that for the most part went out of style by the 1970s. The clown has been there FOREVER (or so it would seem)

Look at the Clown, there are several things that are eerily disturbing.. First his eyes.. Ewwww. Scarey..

Then his bloody finger he seems to be pointing at you. Lore has it somewhere on the sign there is a message “Save or Die” – I have not confirmed that one.

Lastly his other hand – what exactly is he supposed to be doing with his hand.  I’ve heard its a lewd optical illusion, I’ve heard it was meant to hold a balloon.. Haven’t gotten a concrete answer.

But I bet when you’re going down RT 35 you’ll pay attention now..  Or check him out on Facebook.

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