30 Bayview Shares Highlands zip code but not taxes

I was recently searching on Realtor.com and found this cute little 8.7 Million dollar house right off of RT 36, nestled in the hills.

Which got me thinking, how the heck can the median house prices in Highlands be so low when we have almost 9 million homes??

After further checking, I realized that this house, although has a 07732 zip code and is literally a stone’s throw from RT 36 is considered MIDDLETOWN. – Ahhh, what are we not good enough for you?

Think about this, according to the Real Estate site, the tax rate on this ONE house is $36,000+ A YEAR. ONE HOUSE = $36,000

One has to wonder WHY except for shear prejudice would the few streets North of RT 36 are considered Middletown. I mean really, if I was the mayor of Highlands I would find some way to procure that area and keep those rateables to ourselves.

Just saying.


  1. Only just saw this, but felt a need to comment because you seem to have absolutely no comprehension of how zip codes work. A zip code is used by the postal service, and it serves NO OTHER PURPOSE, than to deliver mail. A zip code, believe it or not, has nothing to do with the municipality. No one has any control over zip codes except the postal service. And also the Monmouth Hills area is part of Middletown because it backs up to Middletown and as a result is located directly at the border of Middletown and Highlands. Also, Monmouth Hills is a very old community and was around long before Highlands was incorporated as a municipality.
    A zip code is assigned to each particular post office, and that post office serves a region which many times extends outside of that towns borders. For example, the 07760 zip code, which is assigned to the Rumson post office, serves not just Rumson, but Sea Bright. and portions of Middletown along Hartshorne Road and Navesink River Road until around McClees Rd. The portion of Navesink River Road west of there is served by the Red Bank post office, and thus uses a red bank zip code. Parts of the Chapel Hill section of Middletown and Portland Rd section of Middletown use an Atlantic Highlands zip code.

    Some towns do not even have their own post office or zip code. For example, Wall does not. And parts of Wall use Belmar, Allenwood, Howell zip codes.

    The area to which a zip code is assigned is based on how the postal service feels they can most efficiently deliver mail.

    There is ABSOLUTELY NO correlation between municipal borders, municipal tax lines, etc. and zip code. Zip codes are entirely under the discretion of the USPS. In fact there are numerous places where zip codes cross not just town boundaries but country boundaries.


    • First, you obviously have no idea how sarcasm or satire works. Secondly, there are actually two types of zip codes, one is used to deliver mail and the second is set by the census bureau and includes census block areas and does map back to the municipality. The two zip code types may or may not share the same geospatial boundary. Lastly, this post was written in jest to make fun of the fact Highlands has multimillion dollar homes in their postal zip code and share a similar geographic location, but that doesn’t mean much when they pay their taxes to Middletown.


    • I understand how sarcasm and satire work. If that is what you were aiming for you have a very poor writing style.


    • Dude lighten up you sound like “Newman” with all your postal codes information:) I think a good point was made why is this million dollar house right across 36 basically a continuation of Waterwitch Ave not part of Highlands tax base? Where are the municipality lines drawn and who decides? Its way closer to Highlands than Middletown and even listed as Highlands real estate not Middletown.


  2. Ha….funny HB! I say we merge with Seabright(if they would have us) Mayor seems smarter and they seem to have it way more together. They are fighting for their residents to rebuild without permits and red tape and money for mitigation projects. We have nothing going on…. sad we don’t have smart leadership!


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